Jonathan Barnes Civil Funeral Celebrant
Jonathan Barnes               Civil Funeral Celebrant

A funeral ceremony can be as unique as the person you are remembering.

When a person close to you dies, there are many things to think about. It is a particularly difficult time to have to make decisions about the type of funeral that you want for your loved one. If the person did not regularly attend a place of worship, were not particularly religious, or had their own spiritual beliefs, then a civil funeral ceremony may be the best option for them.

There is no legal requirement to have a religious service and each civil ceremony is unique. With the help of the civil celebrant you are in control of the content of the ceremony. For instance you may want a hymn to be sung or a reading from The Bible, however you may feel that a piece of rock or pop music and a poem, or section from a favourite book is more appropriate for that person The choice is yours, the aim is to create a ceremony that truly reflects your loved one and what they meant to the people that knew them.

How I can help you to create the perfect ceremony

I will arrange a time when we can meet and discuss the ceremony together.

We will talk about the person who has died, all aspects of their ceremony and how you would like to remember them.

You may wish the ceremony to be based around a tribute or life story of that person, if so, You may want to write this yourself, or I can write it for you, from information that you have given me.

I can read it on the day, or you can read it yourself. The same with any readings and poems, members of the family or friends may want to read something, or share some of their memories. Whatever you choose, I will present as little or as much of the ceremony as you want me to.

You can contact me directly, or through your Funeral Director. I will work closely with you and the funeral directors to ensure that the occasion is just the way that you want it to be and is a fitting tribute and a true reflection of your loved one.

 Telephone 07779 436152


Please contact me by telephone between 8.30am and 8pm or by        e-mail at any time

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